Karls Megasports was first established in Moe in the 80’s by Karl & Sue Mohr.

The business evolved from originally being operated as a Florist by Karl’s parents, for over 10 years, into a firearms and camping store and from there into a specialty sports store.

Karl’s Megasports Bairnsdale is now a third generation business. Justin Mohr, Melanie Tarling & David Townsend are all owners of the business Karl’s Megasports & Inland Surf Bairnsdale in the newly built fabulous site at 94 Macleod Street Bairnsdale.

The Bairnsdale business was first opened in April 1998.
The company currently has a vibrant and motivated team, which is the key to its on going success as a local family business.

Please come in and get to know the Team at Karls and become a valued VIP member today!